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Unexpected: Secret Series

To do so, simply login with your credentials below:. It looks like an error has occurred. Insider Series: 6 unexpected delights of Patong, Phuket 7 June Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Sheraton Princess Kaiulani Oahu Island. View Deal. Log in Sign Up! Log in with Facebook. Or log in with email Email. Sign up with Facebook. Confirm your personal details First name. Last name. Post Code. Gender Female Male Other. Month 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 Year Enter your email to reset your password. I sat down and wrote my first novel when I was I had just finished my first year of teaching high school and during summer break I sat down and wrote a novel.

I think it took me seven weeks and it was , words. I have never in my life written that fast before or since. And it was hideous. It was a hideous experience, but I got addicted to the whole idea of starting a story and seeing it through to the end and finishing it. Jenny: [] Yeah. That is impressive — ,00 words in seven weeks for sure. And I just wondered. I know that there are a few people doing that these days but when you started perhaps more than a decade ago with your Julia Grey series was there any resistance from publishers who wanted you to do either one thing or the other?

The stores have to know where to slot you on the shelf. The librarians need to know where to shelve you.

Readers want to know where to find you. And so it all starts with what genre are you? Who are you? Where do we put you? I appreciate that hugely, because the convention of romance novels is that you get a happily ever after or a happily for now.

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So I mean even as someone who enjoys romance I really enjoy that feeling of being strung along a little bit. That part of it really comes naturally. I just go with what feels right. So when the plot is maybe giving me 40 new grey hairs, the the emotional aspect of it is just joy.

Jenny: [] We mentioned the complicated plotting. I guess you probably do have to start out with a reasonably detailed outline do you? Deanna: [] I do and I kind of hate that. I dislike writing them so intensely.

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The only thing worse is writing my own biography, when I have to do those. They have to have a copy of it that is relevant. So luckily for me my editors are very patient and very understanding.

Are there any more coming or is it now finished? Deanna: [] That is one of those questions to which there is no black and white answer. As you say, There were five books in the series and then the story kind of continued through four novellas, which together are the length of one more book. That was my previous publisher who decided to end it. And so when I eventually left that publisher I took the characters with me, which means I can technically write more.

Picking up a series that someone else still holds the rights to the first five books. Jenny: [] So you started with an idea for a five book story arc and then were you asked to produce the extra novellas? Deanna: [] No no no it started off open ended. The series started off completely open ended and we were doing it two books at a time and then we just kind of got to a point where my previous publisher always liked for me to take a break between series. So every third book day they would want me to do something different. And so we were trying that and I wanted to do another Julia at that point to come in with Book Six and they were pretty firm on on wanting to do something else.

Book 5, Bare Sophistication Series

And then by the time we got sorted out what that something would be, they kind of felt like it had lost momentum and it was time to move on. So to me that felt like not a great time to leave. So I would have liked to have stayed with it at least for one or two more books to really completely wrap up the series.

Are you doing a program finale or are you doing a series finale? Jenny: [] Lady Julia we should say was enjoyed a huge amount of success. Are we likely to see it on screens anytime soon? Deanna: [] Now that one I can tell you. No, unfortunately. The option actually just lapsed last month.

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So the the option for that and for the Veronica Speedwell series — those are currently available. So we will see. We will see what happens there. Is there something about that particular period that attracts you? Deanna: [] People always want to know about that and I wish I could give a really great answer and say that there was something specific. The most that I can put my finger on. And when you think about a 70 to 80 year span of time, going through that kind of upheaval and everything that technology brought with it, and all the changes.

They were trying to figure out what their place was. There had been a huge amount of political upheaval as well, not just technology.