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Another error commonly made, and it is very difficult not to make this error when using words to describe salvation, is that we understand salvation as something additional to and distinct from Jesus Christ, and we find that people are reported to have received salvation without even knowing who Jesus Christ is, let alone believing in him. We say things like 'Jesus gives us eternal life' or 'Jesus gives us salvation', and it is impossible to avoid saying these things, in fact they are true Biblical statements.

The deep reality, however, as the Bible also expresses, is that Jesus Christ is our salvation. He is the eternal life which he gives 1 John To have him is to have life 1 John , When we receive him we receive at the same time everything God has for us. But if we do not believe in him, in his name, then we do not have this gospel righteousness of which Paul is speaking John ; , This righteousness of God is given to all who believe. There is no difference Romans It would be easy here to accuse Paul of repeating himself.

By saying 'to all who believe' Paul is outlawing any distinctions within any group of believers. Gospel righteousness comes 'to all who believe' - without distinction, without discrimination, without difference.

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Thought For The Week. It is initiated by faith, and it finishes by faith. As Paul makes very clear later in Romans: Sin and death hold us all captive and enslaved. Death is the penalty or wages of sin. No one is qualified to live with God. We are all condemned. When Barnabas wanted to take his relative with him for the second journey, Paul did not want to take him.

This caused a separation Acts Only about 12 years later Mark's name reappears in the letters to the Colossians and to Philemon Colossians ; Philemon We find him now in Rome - with the arrested Paul. In the Second Epistle to Timothy, shortly before his death, Paul asks Timothy to bring Mark with him who now was a useful servant 2 Timothy Mark is also mentioned in 1 Peter Here Peter calls him his son. This is probably to indicate the close spiritual relationship with Mark.

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It was not only Paul who was very close to Mark but also Peter. According to very old traditions Mark is supposed to have written his gospel based on sermons and communications which Peter gave in Rome for the believers there. Up to the very day this thesis is partially based on the usage of divers Latin words, the habit to explain Jewish terms, the rare references to Old Testament passages and the poignant and lively style.

To rightly divide this gospel, however, it is not necessary to know these traditions.

The Mark of the Beast

Instead, the profound occupation with the contents and structure of this Bible book - inspired by the Holy Spirit - is essential. It is not possible to determine precisely the time of writing of this gospel.

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The scientists' views vary between 55 and 70 AC. The Gospel according to Mark is the shortest gospel and in presentation the most dense one. Mark does not so much describe the teachings but more the actions of the Lord Jesus. Very often Mark uses the present time in his accounts instead of the past time.

The word "and" Greek: euthys is very striking and appears more than forty times. Neither the genealogy nor the birth of Jesus are mentioned.

Who wrote the book?

In the very first chapter Mark starts his account of the Lord Jesus' ministry. The Lord Jesus retires into a quiet place much more frequently than is mentioned in the other gospels Mark ; Mark ; Mark ; Mark ; Mark ; Mark ; Mark ; Mark Mark mentions particularly often that the Lord Jesus did not want his actions to be made public Mark ; Mark ; Mark ; Mark ; Mark ; Mark ; Mark ; Mark ; Mark All these peculiarities show that the subject of this gospel is to present Christ as God's servant.

He was not only the promised king of Israel as in Matthew's gospel but also the true servant of the Lord compare Is. According to his own words he has not come to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many Mark But the Lord Jesus is also presented as the true prophet in the Gospel of Mark compare Deuteronomy As such He announced the good tidings of God, the gospel. This key word appears eight times in Mark, four times in Matthew and not at all in Luke except for the Greek verb "evangelize" and neither in John.

In Mark the Lord Jesus explains with authority what His ministry was: announcing the Word of God as prophet: "Let us go into the next towns that I may preach there also: for therefore came I forth.

God's servant is also the suffering servant. The report of the Lord's suffering and death occupies a relatively large place in respect to the length of the gospel. As can seen from the "Overview over the four Gospels" Mark, in contrast to the two other synoptic gospels, tends to report events in chronological order.

Suggestions for Teaching

Although Mark wrote the shortest gospel he reports facts which do not appear in the other gospels. Of these the following are to be mentioned especially:. Mark was an unfaithful servant during his youth. And yet the Lord gave him the task to write on his life as the faithful Servant of God. It is Mark only who tells us of the young man who followed the Lord Jesus when He was arrested and who fled naked from them when they laid hold on him chap.

Based on an old tradition it is assumed that this young man was Mark himself. Much has been written concerning the last verses of the gospel chap. Other manuscripts, again, contain a shorter version.