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Onesagoras adds to our knowledge of dedicatory practices by showing that individuals or groups could bring gifts to the gods more frequently than is sometimes thought possible. The humble and simple nature of the ceramic vessels also shifts our attention away from the expensive monumental dedications which have traditionally dominated the attention of historians. This valuable dossier deserves more attention in the study of religious practices than it has hitherto received.

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Robert , no. The Kafizin dossier is absent from the recent Kernos Suppl. Kafizin , nos. In ancient Greece it was more common to address the Nymphs in the plural. On the chronological distribution of the dedications in this eight-year period where the year is indicated, see Mitford , p.


Bingen , p. See the explanation in Mitford , p. The chronology he established is accepted by Masson , and other scholars. Mitford , p. However, Hadjioannou , p. LSJ, s. Similarly Karageorghis , p. On the possible link with divination, see Bonnechere , p. On religion of ancient Cyprus, see e. Hill , ch. XIII, , Mitford , p. Discussed in Mitford , p. IX, VI, In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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Mermaid , huldra , selkie , siren. Hyades star cluster; sent rain. Daphnaeae laurel tree. Epimeliades or Epimelides apple tree; also protected flocks. Kissiae ivy. Meliae manna- ash tree. Nereids 50 daughters of Nereus , the Mediterranean Sea. Limnades or Limnatides lakes. She is the consort of Acheron , the god of the river in Hades , and the mother of Ascalaphus , the orchardist of Hades. Orphic nymph, daughter of Persephone and "Zeus disguised as Pluto ". Maenads or Bacchai or Bacchantes. Thyiai or Thyiades thyrsus bearers. The Muses memory, knowledge, art.

Aesepus River in Anatolia. Stadium in Olympia , Elis. Amnisos River on the island of Crete. Asopus River in Sicyonia and Boeotia. Chalcis , Euboea. Pisa , Elis. Nemea , Argolis. Sinope , Anatolia. She had a son with Hermes , called Evander.

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Her son was the founder of the Pallantium. Pallantium became one of the cities that was merged later into the ancient Rome.

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Romans called her, Carmenta. Asterion River , Argos. Corycian Nymphs Corycian Cave. Corycian cave , Delphi , Phocis. River Cydnus in Cilicia. Nymphs of the river Granicus. River Eridanos. Local springs at the town of Himera , Sicily. Kytheros River in Elis. Lamos River in Cilicia. Lycia , Anatolia. Mount Mycale in Caria , Anatolia.

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Mount Drios on the island of Naxos. Local springs of Syracuse , Sicily. Rhyndacus River in Mysia. Peneus River in Thessaly. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Nymphs. Psychopomps Hermanubis Hermes Thanatos.

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