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Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Sep 23, Ashley Adkins rated it really liked it. I read this book as an adult and I love it! The format of the book makes for a quick read with lots of fun doodles to look at. I like how there are not chapters in the book however, each page almost feels like its own chapter and special story to add to the overall book.

This was a quick fun read where the characters grow and learn from one another. As a parent I really liked Ellie's parents and the way they bring fun into the family. He was especially excited about the take-home project, how to play finger football and shocked by the silence is golden day where there is no speaking. I highly recommend the books for girls and boys alike, my seven year-old will be reading this book next. Oct 27, Kathleen Dixon rated it liked it Shelves: children-s.

I guess the author and her publisher thought a girl's version of the highly popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, and the Diary of a Soccer Star series which I personally much prefer would be a good seller. And I guess they've been proven right because I notice there are a few titles in this Ellie McDoodle series. So what did I think of this book? Well, it's fun. It has a fun family that lots of kids would wish they were a part of. It has lots of creative things going on, and little life lesso I guess the author and her publisher thought a girl's version of the highly popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, and the Diary of a Soccer Star series which I personally much prefer would be a good seller.

It has lots of creative things going on, and little life lessons about accepting the inevitable soccer team! It's full of ideas for games and quizzes and projects and crafts and I felt a little bombarded and got quite out of breath. I think, if the layout had been 'looser' I would have enjoyed it more. Still, it's one I'll keep in mind for when the grandchildren are a little older and reading independently. Oct 23, Ms.

Yingling rated it it was ok. Ellie's life is very busy.

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Her father is the coach of her soccer team, she has Journey of the Mind meetings, and it's spirit week at her school. But things don't go all that well. Even though her father is the coach, she has to practice really hard, and she's not very good at soccer. The Journey team involves lots of different activities, and the competition is a little scary. School is fun, but there is always some kind of drama going on. Luckily, Ellie keeps herself straight in her journal, co Ellie's life is very busy.

Luckily, Ellie keeps herself straight in her journal, complete with drawings, and has a very supportive family. Strengths: This is a notebook novel, and anything like that is super popular right now. A lot of younger girls play soccer, so that could be a big draw as well. Ellie is more likable than Greg Heffley! Weaknesses: This book was heavy on lists, instructions, explanations of activities, etc.

View 1 comment. Aug 11, Mary Lee rated it really liked it Shelves: middle-grade , sports , hybrid. Ellie is struggling with teamwork vs. There are some teams she works with effortlessly and feels like she really contributes. In science, however, she gets stuck in a dysfunctional team, winds up doing all the work, and then gets graded down because her group doesn't work as a team.

They share a lot of qualities -- middle school protagonist keeps a funny, illustrated journal about life. Amazing that we were both thinking of the same basic ideas at the same time. If you enjoy characters who are always tra-la-la happy and never have a rough time, um, you might not like Ellie. And when she does something wrong she gets in even more trouble.

Book summary:. When Jack and Ella come across a friendly--and talented!

Ellie McDoodle Diaries: Most Valuable Player

And they're positive they know just how to care for their new pet, ignoring Grandpa's cheeky asides. But soon Leopold the Lion grows despondent and chubby.

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Keeping a lion as a pet is never easy. Jack and Ella find a lion in their backyard, a lion that can perform backflips and somersaults on the trampoline! They, of course, want to keep him.

Sneaking him by their parents is simple they are busy, and the role reversal portrayed in their jobs is refreshing. And although Grandpa seems to sense something is up, he lets them be. Jack and Ella feed the lion a steady diet of chips and snacks. When they go to school, they make sure he is occupied with plenty of electronic games.

Unsurprisingly, the once-boisterous lion turns listless and lethargic. Barshaw shows him tragically slumped on the floor, barely able to lift one claw to place on the touch-screen of his device.

He has no desire to go outside and play. Even when his circus past is discovered, Leopold does not want to perform anymore. Luckily, Jack and Ella with some help from Grandpa realize how wrong they were. Lions and children, by extension need a healthy diet and exercise. The lesson is obvious, but it's delivered with a light touch. Details such as the children's pictorial list of "good pets to get" and a packet of freeze-dried wildebeest "made with pride" keep the illustrations lively. Jack, Ella, and their family are portrayed with dark skin and hair, with no obvious ethnic markers, allowing for a wide range of identification.

An essential look at the importance of an active lifestyle sneakily disguised as a fanciful feline tale. Picture book.

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Bring home Leopold the Lion from your favorite local indie book store! Some of my favorites are:. Book Beat in Oak Park. Book Bug in Kalamazoo. Kazoo Books in Kalamazoo. Flying Pig in Vermont. Our children are all creative and funny and they're close friends with each other -- and they brought new partners into the mix who enrich our lives. From their sweet families we're lucky to have grandchildren to love.

People have asked which I love more. That's like asking which is my favorite ear. Actually it isn't -- I like the left one a little bit more. I like writing and art the same. In high school, he joined the school newspaper, and in senior year became a featured humor writer. In college, he joined the student newspaper staff, and then published his own literary magazine.

When he found that Ruth had the same birthday May 23 and the same number of siblings 8 and the same number of Peggys 1 , their fate was sealed, and they fell in love and got married. My Art. Author Visits. Signed in as:. Sign out. Ruth McNally Barshaw. How nice of you to visit Please have a look at my work. My books. My art Recent work. Where I have been. My early sketchbooks.

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There's No Base Like Home. Ellie McDoodle. Leopold the Lion. More about leopold.