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Tattered Edge: Obsession, Thy Name is Moleskine!

Jeans and fitted tees have replaced them. While all of the changes for Jinger are exciting, fans have noticed that they may have come at a cost. The reality TV star is seemingly a bit too obsessed with her husband, and more importantly, her status as a wife. Jinger and Jeremy have taken to offering Instagram Live videos for their fans.

During the Livestream, the young couple answer questions posed by fans. The mother of one was asked what she liked most about her young daughter. But Franzen seems to be a true believer.

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He has a message. The bad news is: The climate apocalypse is unavoidable. The other bad news is: We still need to confiscate wealth, destroy our infrastructure, abandon nationalism to globalism, disarm ourselves, and slavishly believe whatever our media masters tell us, while paying international reparations for our success.

Franzen believes the Left is in denial about how bad everything is. But but but the Republicans are, like, eeevil. But he does it anyway because it feels good, and there might be a few people on the Left that still need convincing.

Tattered Obsessions

Fellow normies, when a person longs for draconian action… that is not a good sign. Feel free to speculate. Imagine what enforcement would look like. A Green Gestapo? I notice he is espousing his views on a platform that requires… energy.

The Tattered Dress (1957) Jeff Chandler, Jeanne Crain, Jack Carson

With the transportation infrastructure mostly shut down, who do you think will get to use it? Normies, or the elites? Making New York City a green utopia will not avail if Texans keep pumping oil and driving pickup trucks. By whom do you suppose?

The federal government? Or maybe an EU-style global organization beyond such petty concerns as the voters?

American Wolf: A True Story of Survival and Obsession in the West (Hardcover)

Stop for a moment. Perhaps to try and mend a broken film, and give it some sort of modern, hip appeal to a younger generation. However, I also knew the whole story behind the making of Rapunzel, and I was extremely curious to see what Glenn Keane, whom I admire immensely, might do given creative freedom with a film. None of the songs felt gratuitous or meaningless, or too long. The film kept rolling right along and never got bogged down in an over-effort to make everybody happy, my major complaint with most Disney fare.

Damned fine film. Truly a classic, a winner, and a lot of fun to boot. It is so great to see someone who was a hard-working second tier grunt in a big machine, rise up and have such a stellar directorial debut! And his directing partner Nathan Greno as well, and Glenn Keane too! Way to go Disney.

All that talent being wasted for so many years. Over the last couple of years, for some bizarre reason, tattooing and tattoo art has become a main focus of mine.

Jinger’s interests seem to align too well with Jeremy’s interest

I even took the plunge and bought all the gear, and asked around for a long time before I finally found someone willing to apprentice and old fart like me. Quite the accomplishment eh? Yeah, tattooing is sickenly popular these days. It is truly a phenomenon.

Reward Yourself

People are desperate to belong to a tribe of some sort, and tattooing satisfies that need. Like big time sports fans putting war paint on their faces, but without the corporate sheen of major league sports. There are some truly amazing tattoo artists out there, far better than I thought.

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So there. That is just not a priority of mine any more. Not in this life…. I seem to be torn these days, between a whole life of animation, and another, different life that is slowly taking form. I cannot even begin to imagine that, no way. It is deep in my bones, my mindset, my heart and soul.