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But the best coaching is in western Europe.

In fairness to American-born coaches, Bruce Arena led the U. Szymanski and Kuper point out that most soccer clubs are not only poorly run, but even giants like Real Madrid and Manchester United are small businesses dwarfed by the real titans of industry. Soccer clubs provide lots of entertainment: newspaper stories, reports on Internet sites, computer games, fodder for radio and TV talkshows, and soccer talk over dinner, at work or with a few beers.

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Manchester United was No. The rankings are based on how much the clubs sell, not on profits.

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  4. Watford, Reading and Arsenal — the last coached by Arsene Wenger, a trained economist — were the three most profitable in the Premier League, though Watford and Reading have since been relegated. Among the least profitable. Advertising Choices.

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    Unique perspectives on the daily sports topics that matter most. These books have lessons as applicable to the boardroom as to the playing field. He did it by researching the stuffing out of the subject, understanding the many blind spots entrenched in conventional thinking, and hiring without bias.

    Writer Simon Kuper and economist Stefan Szymanski bring the Moneyball approach to the beautiful game.

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    He had huge success, until his act stopped working on an unhappy and restive team. He was fired in after reports of him choking a player emerged. Vigilantes, gamblers, vampires—in the literary world, finance professionals live exciting adventures.

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    Here are eight sure-fire picks. Brian Bethune, long-time Maclean's books critic and editor, is a Toronto-based freelance writer. Pursuits Books From Moneyball to Soccernomics: 4 classic sports books that you must read 9.