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SADI [2] Semantic Automated Discovery and Integration is a semantic-web-service initiative that consists of a set of design-practices for semantic-web-service publishing that minimizes the use of non-standard protocols and message structures. In practice, this results in Services that create semantic linkages between the input and output of the service.

Choreography is concerned with describing the external visible behavior of services, as a set of message exchanges optionally following a Message Exchange Pattern MEP , from the functionality consumer point of view. Orchestration deals with describing how a number of services, two or more, cooperate and communicate with the aim of achieving a common goal.

Development of Semantic Web-Services using Apache Jena

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Pascal Hitzler, Krzysztof Janowicz Editorial pp. The last paper is a regular submission. John P. Gerard de Melo Lexvo.

Semantic Web Services

Musen Using ontologies to model human navigation behavior in information networks: A study based on Wikipedia pp. The editorial and first three papers are for the Special Issue on "The Semantic Web for all" , the subsequent two are additional papers for the earlier RR special issue volume 4, number 4. Marcondes, Luciana R. Malheiros, Leonardo C. Diego Calvanese, Thomas Lukasiewicz Preface p.

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Alexander, Mark A. This work will be guided and supported by the responsible of the internship in English and the team of researchers that are working on the platform English or French. Reporting of the progress is expected at the weekly development team meeting, which will be used for catching up, issue solving and work planning.

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