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Polymer translocation occurs in many biological and biotechnological phenomena where electrically charged polymer molecules move through narrow spaces in crowded environments.

Dynamics of end-pulled polymer translocation through a nanopore

Unraveling the rich phenomenology of polymer translocation requires a grasp of modern concepts of polymer physics and polyelectrolyte behavior. Polymer Translocation discusses universal features of polymer translocations and summarizes the key concepts of polyelectrolyte structures, electrolyte solutions, ionic flow, mobility of charged macromolecules, polymer capture by pores, and threading of macromolecules through pores.

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Avoids heavy mathematics Uses examples to illustrate the richness of the phenomenon Introduces the entropic barrier idea behind polymer translocation Outlines conceptual components necessary for a molecular understanding of polymer translocation Provides mathematical formulas for the various quantities pertinent to polymer translocation The challenge in understanding the complex behavior of translocation of polyelectrolyte molecules arises from three long-range forces due to chain connectivity, electrostatic interactions, and hydrodynamic interactions.

Polymer Translocation provides an overview of fundamentals, established experimental facts, and important concepts necessary to understand polymer translocation.

Readers will gain detailed strategies for applying these concepts and formulas to the design of new experiments. Translocation Phenomenon in Biology.

Model Systems. Concepts and Theory. Charged Macromolecules in Electrolyte Solutions.

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Macromolecules under Confinement. Dynamics in Solution. Translocation Through a Channel. Packaging of Viruses.

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  5. Driven translocation of a semi-flexible polymer through a nanopore | Scientific Reports.

Polymer translocation: a nonequilibrium process Vollmer, Sarah C. Date: By measuring the average conformation of the polymer and the average duration of each stage, simulations of the capture process reveal an elongated polymer approaching the nanopore and either remains elongated or becomes compressed just prior to translocation depending on the drift-diffusion balance.

This is in direct contrast with the standard approach of simulating only the translocation process where the polymer is assumed to start translocation in an equilibrated state.

Polymer Translocation | Taylor & Francis Group

The conformational differences directly impact scaling results of the translocation time by polymer length, where, even on a qualitative level, simulations that assume equilibration may yield incorrect results. The capture process is therefore an essential step for modelling and establishes the nonequilibrium nature of the translocation process. Size: 3.