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We then entice staff to start the 'interaction' with bonus points for the most creatively dressed team.

The 1st Annual LunaLympics: Office Olympics at its Best | Bounteous

This helps encourage staff to start getting exciting about the event - this way you receive 'team building benefits' for at least a couple of weeks instead of just one day. Give points for the winner and runner up in each 'event'. The team with the most points at the end is the winner!! If you get this wrong it can leave a sour taste in your staff's mouth! Whenever we deliver Office Olympics we use a set of short, sharp team based games which have been tested with thousands of participants - and they work every single time. AVOID - Some of those crazy ideas you find on the internet about staples and chair races - besides the unkown risk of getting hurt, if you want to create the ultimate experience it's best to use team focused games.

This is about fun, so make sure people understand that. The best way to handle this is to:.

It's a great way to start and finish an activity. Especially if competitors look the part. Time each competitor to see how long it takes them and announce the winner at the end.

Provide a shirt number and nickname to make it that little bit more fun. Ok, so not all of you are going to have time to arrange the above, so a great alternative is to use the Wii and Wii olympics games. Check out the trailer for Mario and Sonic at the Rio Olympic games! Total up the scores and the end and have a chocolate medals ceremony for 1st 2nd and third place. You could also make an Olympic torch in the lead up to your event and allow each competitor to have it for a day on their desk, as well as include national anthems for winners on the podium.


Pinterest have some great ideas too! We understand that every day is a busy day in the workplace, but if you incorporate an Olympic style event into every lunch break or just before the end of the day , it will keep your employees in great spirits Simply mark down the scores and pick representative s who can referee for you.

The Pencil Pusher

The desk chair sprint Does what it says on the tin. The winner of this event is sure to earn some bragging rights for the next two years — or until the next office Olympics is held.

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Is there anyone in the office who boasts about how fast they can type? After all the events have been completed, rank the teams based on their event scores. The team with the lowest score after all events wins! Keep the final scores a secret while you begin to assemble each team for the ceremony.

Much like the opening ceremonies, parade the participants throughout the office and into a central meeting place, all while playing the Olympic theme music. Announce the winners in reverse order, further building the anticipation.