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It includes a complete reading guide, assessments, supplemental information about Ralph Ellison and Marcus Garvey, and prereading activities. The questions in this unit are well crafted, probing and designed to foster close reading. They are used to guide discussion, deepen understanding, elicit higher level thinking, and foster connections. The reader is asked to explore complex themes, such as race, identity and invisibility; the reader is also guided to examine symbolism and to analyze quotes from the book.

Teaching Invisible Man

J Stith. Table of Contents. You May Like. Includes complete reading guide for the first half of the novel Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. Includes prereading thematic discussion questions, comprehension questions, high-level analytical questions, writing activities, connection questions, and quotes to analyze to develop close-reading skills. Invisible Man: Assessments by Andrea Chen.

Includes complete unit assessments for Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. Assessment includes essay prompts, comprehension questions, analysis of textual quotes, and analytical questions.

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Also includes reading quizzes for various chapters. I used the popular movie "Crash" as an introduction to complex themes and issues in race, identity, and invisiblity.

Includes "Crash" movie questions, connections and assessment. Includes background information on Marcus Garvey and Ralph Ellison. The other man leaves and Clifton walks on, but a police officer follows him.

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  4. The policeman begins to harass Clifton, pushing him. Eventually, Clifton hits the officer, landing the policeman on his back.

    Invisible Man

    The narrator sees Clifton fall to his knees; the officer slowly rises with a gun in hand. A shot is fired, and Tod Clifton is dead. The narrator tries to understand what has happened to Clifton. He realizes that he is the only witness to the short life and death of Tod Clifton, an ordinary man. He wonders who will speak for and remember ordinary people. After leaving the subway, the narrator walks down the block, suddenly aware of all the black people around him living lives independent of the Brotherhood. He realizes that he had never noticed these people when he worked in Harlem the first time.

    As he passes them, he feels as if he is walking by familiar friends, ordinary individuals, who refuse to acknowledge him. He begins to see the truth of the Brotherhood, which is that he was used for a time and now he is no longer needed.

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    He never had an individual worth to the organization, so he is easily forgotten. In this chapter, the young narrator endures several shocks. Harlem is no longer politically active in the Brotherhood, many of the inhabitants believe he is a sell-out to the whites, the committee has banned him from an important meeting, he finds Clifton in the worst of circumstances, and ultimately sees Clifton murdered by a policeman. All this activity serves to strip him of more of his blindfold in relation to the Brotherhood and its ideas on sacrificing the individual for the greater cause.

    Instructions for You

    He begins to realize that he has never understood the cause, and now that he is starting to, he does not agree with it. In the latter half of the chapter, the narrator notices another group of people in Harlem to whom he has not paid attention before. While Ellison does not name them, he describes them much like members of the Nation of Islam, or the black Moslems.

    These people do not stand out as individuals, all dressing the same. They are so synchronized in their adopted beliefs and customs that they do not even need to speak to communicate with each other. While the narrator is sitting on the subway, he sees a black nun dressed in white and a white nun dressed in black. The reader is confronted with the similarities between the two groups, black Moslems and white Christians.

    Both religions, or organizations, are defined by their appearance. Th individuality of the member is lost to the uniform of the order. He remembers the yam he once enjoyed on the street and realizes he no longer enjoys the feeling of liberation he had that day. He no longer acts on his feelings without regard to the appearance of things.