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Assessment methods vary by module, but typically include a submitted portfolio or exhibition of your design work, supported by a presentation — some modules require you to submit an individual project, whereas others require collaborative work. You may also be required to produce reports, case studies and essays and, in some instances, take an assessment under timed conditions. A full-time student on average can expect to spend hours a year learning which will typically be broken down as follows:.

This course is suitable for students wishing to fulfil the educational requirements of the RIBA Part 2, before moving on to Stage 2 practical experience. Our MArch Architecture course has been designed to maximise the employability prospects of our graduates, equipping you with professional skills as well as enhancing and developing your design skills, technical knowledge and ability to communicate your ideas.

Graduates have gone on to hold various architectural roles in some of the most well-known practices in the world, including David Chipperfield, Richard Rogers and Glenn Howells, whilst working towards higher qualifications. Our expert Employability team will work closely with you at every stage of your career planning, providing personal support and advice.

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You can benefit from this service at any time during your studies, and for up to three years after completing your course. Throughout the year, our Employability team runs a series of events specifically for students studying in the School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment, such as the Property, Design and Construction Fair, offering employers the opportunity to advertise graduate roles to our students.

You'll study in d edicated design studios, equipped with computers, display screens, visualisation and projection facilities, pinboards, A3 printer, A2 scanner, A1 plotter and infinity curve with photography lamps. Architecture students also have access to a model-making workshop equipped with power- and hand-tools, bandsaws, sanders, heliodon, spray-booth etc, with full-time technical assistance available, for building large- and small-scale prototypes in order to test and present your design ideas.

Take a look at our full gallery of facilities for Architecture students. The library's OneSearch system provides access to all our electronic resources, journals and books. Within the library there is a liaison librarian who has specialist subject knowledge and can offer detailed help in finding and using print and electronic resources, and also with areas such as Harvard referencing and research skills.

Our specialist in-house art shop is based in the Bonington building. Run by experienced and friendly University staff, the shop stocks a wide variety of arts and crafts materials to support your project work. If your initial application is successful, you'll be asked to submit a digital portfolio of your work. Take a look at our digital portfolio advice.

If your digital portfolio is accepted, you'll be asked to hold an interview with the academic team. For Home applicants, you will be invited to an interview at the University.

For EU and International students, you'll hold an interview via telephone. Your interview will help us to decide whether we feel you are suitable for the course, and will help you to decide if this is the right course for you.

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This means that even if you complete and pass the prescribed Part 2 qualification that you are embarking on, you will still need to hold an ARB prescribed qualification at Part 1 level plus an ARB prescribed qualification at Part Three level together with the required period of practical training , before you can be admitted to the ARB Register. If you successfully pass the Prescribed Examination at Part 1 level, you can use this for the purposes of UK Registration.

Be honest, thorough and persuasive in your application. Remember, we can only make a decision based on what you tell us. Make sure you include as much information as possible, including uploading evidence of results already achieved, as well as a personal statement. You can get more information and advice about applying to NTU on our postgraduate pages. If your digital portfolio is accepted you'll be asked to hold an interview with the academic team.

Please read our notes on the University's commitment to delivering the educational services advertised. Apply for your as early as you can so that you have time to prepare for your studies. If you need a visa to study here you need to plan this into your application. There are numerous sources of funding available for postgraduate students, both from external sources such as the Government and funding bodies, and from the University. There are two main costs involved with postgraduate study: the cost of your tuition fees which is paid directly to the University, and living expenses such as accommodation, travel and food.

As an MArch Architecture student, you may be eligible for financial support from Student Finance , subject to certain conditions. You might be able to get a scholarship to help fund your studies.

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We award scholarships to those students who can demonstrate excellent achievement, passion and dedication to their studies. We offer prestigious scholarships to new international students holding offers to study at the University. Find out more here OK. Home Study and courses Courses Course search. Find an open day Apply.

What you'll study How you're taught Careers and employability Facilities Entry requirements How to apply Fees and funding. Why study this course? Develop your personal design style, supported by a University with a strong design heritage ; NTU began life as the Nottingham Government School of Design in You'll also have the chance to attend external seminars and lectures, as well as professional trade, art and cultural exhibitions in the UK. Benefit from our team of expert academic staff who have established links to industry and significant experience of working in practice.

Showcase your work to visiting industry professionals and prospective employers at our annual NTU Degree Shows.

The Last of Us Part II Arrives on February 21, 2020

Choose from optional modules in Year Two, enabling you to undertake further research and learning in an area of interest. We also offer a Professional Certificate in Architecture. This course is intended for graduates from a Part 1 accredited qualification in Architecture, who are undertaking experience in professional practice prior to entry on a Part 2 course. Accredited by:. Find out more about what's it like to study one of our postgraduate architectural design courses.

What you'll study Our MArch Architecture course content is focussed on four core strands: developing your design and communication skills; extending your awareness and knowledge of the theory and socio-economic, historic and cultural factors affecting architectural design; advancing your appreciation of technology and construction methods; and, developing your knowledge of management, practise and law.

Course structure The course is formed of nine core modules. Year One. Architectural Theory and Research Methods 20 credit points Total contact hours: 40 Total non-contact hours: Supported by lectures and student-led seminars, this module will introduce you to a variety of current research in architecture and related areas, and discuss their relevance in relation to design and present day architectural thinking.

Architectural Technology and Construction Methods 20 credit points Total contact hours: 60 Total non-contact hours: Studied over the course of Year One, this module will equip you with wide-ranging knowledge of technological and constructional aspects of architectural practice and thinking. It addresses issues of construction, technology, environmental science, materials, components and systems, and the environmental strategies for, and impact of, specification choices and procurement. The purpose of the module is to strengthen your experience from your Part 1 qualification and from your time in industry.

Vertical Studio I 20 credit points Total contact hours: 40 Total non-contact hours: The Vertical Studio module is shared with Year Two MArch Architecture students, creating a cohesive studio environment and encouraging peer-to-peer mentorship and support.

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Krasinski is back directing and writing, though probably not acting this time around. His character, Lee Abbott, the father of the family in the film, appears to have sacrificed himself to the aliens in the first film. Of course, it's always possible he could appear in flashback. Teen actress Simmonds is deaf, as is her character, which adds complexity to the world of silence they all must live in. Filmmaking began in July , sharing a photo of the film slate marking the beginning of shooting.

And as we now know from Krasinski's wrap tweet, filming ended around Sept. PartII pic.

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According to MovieWeb , the movie was shot in western New York state, mostly in the small village of Akron outside of Buffalo, with some scenes shot in Chautauqua County, Dutchess County for two days, and Ulster County. That's generally where the first film was shot, which makes sense -- the family has no way to get very far from home without making deadly noise. The film is scheduled to hit theaters on March 20, moved up two months from the original May date that was announced. As is obvious from the new names on the cast list, more characters will be coping with the monsters in the sequel.

Krasinski hinted at a wider population of survivors when he spoke about the film on The Big Picture podcast. It's that idea of living through the set of circumstances, not again in the same way obviously, but exploring it more. You only got to do it intimately for a small amount of time, so what happens next? In the first film, Evelyn almost silently!


Babies cry. They make noise. Even as toddlers, they don't always understand how vital it is to keep silent in a world where any sound could lead to bloody death. The Abbotts had a very complicated system for their baby's arrival, including oxygen masks and soundproof boxes, but it will be disturbing and interesting to see what other elements they must use to keep a tiny child silent. The monsters in A Quiet Place appeared only in flashes for most of the movie, which helped build the horror. When they finally appeared, they were creepy, mummified looking things who'd evolved not to need eyes , and who appear to hate sound because it physically hurts them.

We'll likely see and hear more from them in the second film.