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This post was published on the now-closed HuffPost Contributor platform. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. Today is National Voter Registration Day! There are professional-quality photos of me from that night, my cheeks flushed, my cracked lips red from the wine.

I look happy. It was still pretty early in my internship, but I already knew his reputation. Still, I felt proud to have been selected for this special mission as we stole through the Parisian night.

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A beautiful woman in a trench coat passed us as we rounded a corner. He was so quiet I barely heard him. I stepped away, said that we should get the wine and get back to the others. Every year, I had learned, my boss took his favorite interns with him to the Cannes Film Festival, and I desperately wanted to go.

When he asked me things like what I was going to wear to the festival premiere, and suggested that I borrow something from a much smaller coworker — meaning her clothes would look obscene on me — I gave him shit for it, but in a way like we were in on a joke together.

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An Oh, quit it, you cad! We became co-conspirators again, like we were that night on the street, but now we were conspiring to feed a great, beastly lie. I effectively closeted myself.

I became the chill, docile, hardworking woman he wanted, one who would roll her eyes and laugh at his sexual advances. When he repeatedly invited me and a friend to visit his country house in the south of France on the weekends, we carefully planned the politest ways to decline. He did pick me to go to Cannes. And I felt guilty about it, because I was chosen for all the wrong reasons. In retrospect, that boss was following the same playbook that Delevingne alleges Weinstein was, though in a less extreme, more subtle way: doubting my queerness, signaling that I should stop talking about it already; then, in private, twisting it into something for him to consume.

After Cannes, where I dealt with a bunch of other instances of casual but infuriating sexism , my boss and I got into a blowout fight, and I burned all my bridges.

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A little like Tippi Hedren, who tweeted on Wednesday that all of the sexual harassment she dealt with in her modeling and film career eventually pushed her to leave the industry altogether, I walked away from the film world without looking back. But when I told my friend this — we were alone, in a back room of the party — he brushed it aside.

At best, my being gay was something to ignore; at worst, it was something he figured he could violently correct. Though all of these incidents have varying levels of severity, they all seem to boil down into the same toxic stew: harassment or assault or rape, whether doled out by someone you loved and thought you could trust or someone who controls your livelihood.

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A friend recently told me about working for a man in the entertainment industry a few years ago who was shocked to learn she had a girlfriend. So many of us have stories like these. Two different guys started yelling at them — Ohhhh yeah and That's hot. She told them to please stop, to go away, and one of the guys flicked her off and called her a bitch.

Back when I dated men, I used to be relieved when I had a boyfriend at my side on the street, particularly in the summer, when catcalling reaches its ugly peak. Even if it was the incredibly limited, fucked-up kind of freedom that only a male protector could buy me. Once, while I was standing with my current partner on a mostly empty subway platform, a man asked us if we were dating, and when we denied it to get rid of him , he literally chased us around the platform; thankfully, a train pulled up and we were able to get on it, but he leered at us through the window until the subway pulled out of the station.

We let go and give up the fight.

When queer people are harassed, we might chastise ourselves for being so overtly gay in places that might not be hospitable to gay people — basically, any public place — when we should have known better than to hold hands, or to kiss. In , a lesbian couple was arrested while on vacation in Hawaii for kissing in a grocery store. This past May, a man yelled anti-gay epithets at a lesbian couple on a Brooklyn-bound Q train, and after they pleaded with him to calm down, he attacked them, beating one of the women unconscious.

Any victim of sexual assault or harassment will face overwhelming obstacles when it comes to speaking up about what happened to them — especially if it involves someone with a great amount of power, like Harvey Weinstein. But if the victim is queer, they also risk potentially outing themselves by coming forward.

Of the many reasons she might not have felt safe telling her story until now, I could imagine that might be one of them. Even the most famous and successful LGBT people are forced to deal with the sort of misogyny and homophobia that can turn into harassment at the hands of powerful men. Hackett told him she is a lesbian with a wife and children, and she was not interested, but he persisted nonetheless. None of these things have much to do with sex, but they have everything to do with attempting to dominate and control women who step out of line, who refused to be ruled by heteronormativity and the world of overbearing men.