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If assistance is needed, please call If you wish to park your vehicle and escort a disabled passenger into the terminal, it is recommended that you park in the Hourly Deck in front of the terminal. The first hour of parking in the Hourly Deck is free. Contact your airline prior to travel for wheelchairs, passenger loading lifts, personal assistance throughout a connection or escort assistance for minors.

Emergency Preparedness Guide for People with Disabilities / Special Needs

Additionally, if you will be traveling from DFW with your pet, please keep their pet carrier on hand. Disabled permit parking is available in signed areas of all parking lots and garages. In the Terminal garages, disabled parking is on both the upper arrival and lower departures roadways.

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One-hour areas may be utilized for long-term parking as long as the vehicle displays a disabled parking tag or license plate. Due to TSA and height restrictions garages at some terminals are not van accessible. Express and Remote lots are served by wheelchair accessible shuttle buses.

DFW Airport Valet parking is also available at all terminals. Wheelchair service is offered through your air carrier upon request. However, wheelchair assistance may be requested at airline ticket counters. All restrooms are handicap accessible. The new indoor pet relief rooms provide service animals and pet-companions with a comfortable and welcoming area to take care of business before or after a flight.

The pet relief rooms are conveniently located post-security in the centers of concourses A, B and C.


Also, there is a pre-security, outdoor pet relief area, located just outside door on the west side of the Jeppesen Terminal. All pet relief areas are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Denver International Airport provides accessible parking spaces at all airport-owned parking facilities. In the East and West parking garages, these spaces are located next to entry doors into Jeppesen Terminal, on garage Levels 1, 2, 4 and 5 no accessible parking is available on Level 3. Elbert Shuttle lots. All vans and buses serving these lots are lift-equipped.

Wheelchair or electric cart service is available from your airline. For more information call Your airline can provide you with wheelchair or electric cart service Request a wheelchair from the airline in advance or at the ticket counter George Bush Intercontinental Airport IAH Airport restrooms are wheelchair accessible, and family restrooms that accommodate companion care are located throughout the airport.

Service animals are welcome at the airport. Service animal relief areas can be found at the following locations: Terminal A, west side near Hotel Shuttles and Parking Shuttles pick-up Terminal B, south side near Limousines pick-up Terminal C, inside post-security , across from Gate C2 Terminal D, inside post-security , across from Gate D6 Terminal D, southwest and southeast of terminal entrance Terminal E, northwest and northeast of terminal shared with Terminal D Accessible parking spaces are located on all levels at all airport-owned parking garages as well as at ecopark and ecopark2.

Shuttles from ecopark locations to the airport that accommodate wheelchairs are available. Customers may call to inquire about accessible parking and shuttle service. Wheelchair service is provided by airlines for passengers and should be requested when booking travel. One set is located at either end, and two sets are centrally located on each concourse. Additional restrooms are located at the International Terminal, with a set on both the departure and arrival levels.

Flying With A Wheelchair: Guide To Air Travel For People With Disabilities

Hartsfield-Jackson welcomes its many guests, including those of the canine persuasion. The fully fenced-in park offers biodegradable bags along with benches. An additional pet relief area is located on the arrivals level of the International Terminal, right outside of door A1. Parking for passengers with disabilities is available in all Airport parking areas. A free, wheelchair-accessible shuttle bus will pick up passengers at their vehicle and take them to curbside check-in.

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Airline representatives are available to provide wheelchair assistance. To reserve a wheelchair, contact the airline directly before your scheduled flight. Passengers with limited English proficiency should contact their airline for language assistance. Due to partial closures on the North Terminal roadways, passengers who need wheelchair assistance for drop-off between 9 p.

If you need assistance locating one, just ask at the information booth located on the Arrivals Level in any of the terminals. Signs featuring the international symbol for pet relief designate the areas. The terminals and parking lots at JFK are divided into five areas, each specified by a separate color. For your convenience, the parking lots nearest the terminal entrances have a limited number of spaces for travelers with disabilities.

To park in the spaces, official license plates issued by a municipality or state of residence must be prominently displayed. Parking fees for these vehicles are equal to the lowest rate available at the airport. Contact your airline prior to travel for wheelchairs. The three stations are located outside on the lower level arrivals.

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This relief area is located between parking structures 5 and 6, across the street from the terminals. Relief Station - Indoor Pictured above, is the location of the animal relief area in the international terminal, which is next to the bridge to terminal four.

Below is a view of the animal relief area, which provides space for animals to stretch out and enjoy a bowl of water. Relief areas will be installed as part of terminal remodeling.

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Please click here to see the location of existing relief areas, and future sites. All parking facilities have designated handicap parking stalls. Requesting a Wheelchair To Request wheelchair service, it is recommended you contact your airline 72 hours in advance. Wheelchair service is provide free of charge by your airline. Tipping is not required for wheelchair service. Most individuals requesting wheelchair assistance are transported via wheelchair from ticketing to their aircraft. Airlines are required to provide curbside wheelchair service when requested. On your return flight, you should remind a flight attendant near the end of your flight, that you will need a wheelchair upon arrival.

Curbside Each airline is responsible for providing wheelchairs for their customers with disabilities, from curbside drop-off to the aircraft. Contact your airline's reservation desk a minimum of 72 hours prior to your flight to reserve wheelchair service. Wheelchair service is provided free of charge. Tipping is not required. From Parking Structure Airlines are not responsible for providing wheelchair service from parking structures to terminals. McCarran International Airport LAS Unisex Family Restrooms are available for passengers with special needs; all restrooms throughout both terminals are equally accessible to each traveler.

The airport has indoor post-security and outdoor designated enclosed areas where travelers flying with pets and service animals can take their animals to relieve themselves. Arrangements for service should be made in advance through your airline of choice, but guests may dial on any white courtesy phone, or from any phone.

Miami International Airport MIA Restrooms located throughout the terminal feature toilet compartments for travelers with disabilities.

Unisex restrooms equipped for the disabled are also available throughout the terminal. Look for the internationally recognized disabled symbol. All of MIA relief areas are equipped with dual surfaces and waste disposal stations map locations. Designated disabled permit parking and stroller permit parking is conveniently located near the moving sidewalks on the 3rd level of the garages. Additional disabled permit parking, including van accessible spaces, are available on the easternmost ground level sections of the Dolphin and Flamingo garages.

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