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Holman New Testament Commentary (HNTC) (12 vols.)

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Mark F Rooker Dr. Max Anders Max Anders Th. Bestsellers in Old Testament Commentaries. Christopher J H Wright. Steven Tuell. Be Reverent Ezekiel Be Series. When the creatures moved, the wheels moved with them. Above the creatures was a dome, shining like crystal. Above the dome, there was a sapphire-like throne.

The Lord was there.

Major Prophets (OT)

It is no wonder that Ezekiel was reduced to using such odd images to describe his vision. How can you describe something when the person for whom you are describing them has no frame of reference for understanding your description? For instance, how would you describe the color blue to a blind person who had never seen colors? He was just trying to describe something indescribable—the glory of God. This, then, would be or B.

Unlocking the Old Testament Part 44 - Ezekiel 3

A bit of background would be useful. Later, Babylonia surpassed Assyria to become the dominant power, and King Nebuchadnezzar ruled supreme. In December B. Jehoiakim died, possibly by assassination, and young Jehoiachin assumed the throne. This time he destroyed the city and killed many of its inhabitants. He took most of the rest of the people to Babylon—leaving behind only the poorest 2 Kings The book of Ezekiel refers to these Judeans as the people of Israel.

In the last verse of chapter 1, Ezekiel acknowledges that he has seen the glory of the Lord. Throughout the book of Ezekiel, Yahweh always refers to Ezekiel as ben adam rather than calling him by name. This stands in contrast to the call of other prophets, such as Moses Exodus , Samuel 1 Samuel , Elijah 1 Kings , Jeremiah Jeremiah , and Amos Amos —each of whom Yahweh addressed by name when calling them to be prophets. God now calls him to stand on his feet to receive his marching orders. The word ruah can mean spirit, wind, or breath.

The spirit of the Lord came even on a foreign prophet, Balaam, to enable Balaam to utter the oracle that the Lord gave him Numbers Wx v. Hamilton, Victor P. Genesis 1- and Genesis American Commentary.

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