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Then everything exploded in an instant, several more members of The Force came rushing out of the restaurant to face the attackers; five masked men armed with handguns and assault rifles who had pulled up in a van which they were now taking cover behind. I was later informed that they were members of The Wilhelm Militia. The ambushed members of The Force took cover behind whatever they could find and returned fire. The battle raged on with both sides spraying bullets in the general direction of the other, shooting and killing several fleeing civilians in the process.

Jay, complaining that he was unable to get a decent shot of the action, asked our guards to escort him closer to the battle. When they refused, Jay rushed out on his own, sprinting across to the other side of the road. Before he could reach cover however, he was shot several times, falling to the ground, alive but gravely wounded. Our escort, previously avoiding the conflict, quickly opened fire at both sides in an attempt to end the fire fight as soon as possible and save Jay if they could. The SECOs efficiently dispatched the shooters with clinical speed and accuracy.

Once the shooting had stopped and the last of the gang members were killed, we all rushed out to Jay who had already lost a lot of blood and was unable to speak due to a bullet hole through his neck. By the time our field medic had stopped the bleeding Jay had sadly passed away. He was an incredibly brave man and a credit to the journalism profession.

My time on the savage red moon has given me a new perspective of life on Carthage.

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Each breath of clean air on our beautiful blue and green planet is a precious gift, each day of productivity is a privilege, each contribution to the betterment of our society an honour, and each moment with our families should be cherished. Do not let it go to waste. Gyaros is not a place you want to find yourself. A more complete journal of my travels, including extended interviews with many Gyaros inhabitants can be seen in the upcoming full length documentary, The Devil's Moon: A Journey to Gyaros.

Having finished reading the article Miles looked up from the flex screen before folding it twice and placing it into the top left pocket of his suit jacket.

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He looked around at the other passengers, some reading the news on their flex screen readers, others chatting animatedly to their colleagues about the sporting events of the weekend. Miles sat in excited anticipation, as he did every day, while patiently enduring the long and featureless tunnel section that precedes the spectacular view. Home Read Free Novels.

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Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. Love and History by Cheryl Dragon. Skin I'm in, The by Flake, Sharon. April 15, at 2: Hey Lada, thanks so much. Will check out that link, thanks for passing it on! My non fictions are very much targeted at teens and adults alike with very strong positive, life affirming messages. Gyaros however is aimed at a slightly older market due to the themes and content.

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Even so it is a story about a man who must keep his humanity intact amid horrible circumstances, and not resort to indecency. I too hate anything that indulges in senseless violence and cruelty for the sake of it! I will definitely incorporate the movement and the badges into my work and the work of others who I will review and spotlight.

I can think of a couple of authors already who would very much fit the theme! So tell me what you think, can I use the badge for my non fiction works?

Or is it YA fiction only? I know for a fact that 14 and 15 year old are reading it though lol, so I dunno. And Alex who co-wrote it with me is still only 17 so I guess it could fit into YA. Let me know what you think, but yes, love the movement and the banners! I would love to see your non-fiction books here!

I think this is what our teens should reading about: Feel free to post the badge, add links and introduction to your books here, in the comment section. YA goes beyond just a narrow age range. I did include Gyaros already by pingbacking your author feature. Check it out in the post: Back to your fiction: Lessons the protagonist learns along the way may be invaluable. I would include it, but clearly indicate age appropriatness and adult themes disclaimer. YA literature is a broad phenomenon, applicable to readers from early teens to adult.

Gyaros Book One: The Mice Eat Iron (New Adult Sci Fi Adventure) ebook

Case in point, the wide appeal of Harry Potter. This is the kind of broad audience I feel a lot of YAR books should appeal to. While YA is super-popular with both teens and adults, the meaning gets lost somewhere in the frenzy of this popularity. Literature has always served to educate and assist in personal growth, but in our age of profit at any cost, this valuable function, especially in literature for teens — our future — got lost. Thanks for the detailed reply and all the info!

That is perfect for Gyaros! There are loads of free articles on how to write a great press release online and how to get them out there.

As well as a very worthy cause I think you have a great angle here too for bringing more publicity to indie and self published YA in particular, but also established writers as well! April 16, at 4: Hi Rohan, any additional publicity you can help us with is great! There is some chemistry between the two of them that they explore in between trying to figure out how to resolve their situation without dying. Norik was trying to mind his own business and Jasmine kept bothering him.

And she kept provoking him to the point he lost control. I do not mind interspecies-human romances, but the Lyrissians were not a particularly amorous race or tender in their affections. The one love scene was borderline violent and painful sounding. Norik tried to warn Jasmine off, but she would not be deterred.

She wanted him to lose control and he did.

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Despite those issues, the action in the plot-line gave the story promise and by the end I was looking forward to reading more books in the series. When I looked on Amazon and found other books, the next book in the series was a prequel. For the one book that is supposed to be after the time period in Adrift, I was disappointed that it appears that Norik and Jasmine were no longer together.

That was a letdown for me. It is not a good idea for those same characters not to be together in future books. That cheapens the ending of the original book because that means their love did not last. It is a warm, fuzzy feeling to read sequels where the I know the history of the secondary characters, how they got together, and their quest to find love. I think it is a one-hit wonder for this series. As long as you remember that it is mostly sci-fi action than romance, you will enjoy the story.

On the surface, after the unification on planet Carthage, there was a seemingly utopian society by banning all social deviants to Gyaros- a lunar prison. But the strict totalitarian government has rigid, structural social hierarchy that is designed to keep everyone in their place. This is setting for Cry Wolf. And then there should be a countdown like 3 — 2- 1 Action! The book is an adrenaline rush following Wolf, Ryker and the rest of the crew on their mission. In Cry Wolf, you as the reader are able to get a better sense of the divisions within society.

Everyone is relegated to their place or social position. The quality of life of a person is determined by social status. For example, in one district, it always rains and the weather is depressing. Closer to the upper levels, there is sunshine. Above all else, no one can freely move between the districts. It was like a burst of caffeine without drinking any coffee. I really enjoyed it.

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Menu Skip to content. Sighing, he reached into the carton. The kitten growled and swiped its claws across his skin. Dear Uncle Guy, I know you are sad, and I want you to be happy. You know you want to share this: Twitter Facebook Pinterest Reddit. Like this: Like Loading Opinion This book was not for me, but the story was okay. Plus, monogamy is a tenuous concept with a lot of grey area.

It may seem that since I read a lot of the Jaid Black books that I must have enjoyed her series. I am confused myself why I read all of them.