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She no longer had minions; she barely even had Serena. I liked Blair and Chuck in S3, but for me, things changed completely after the hotel plot. I couldn't get over it. I no longer saw Chuck the same way; if that plot point had not happened, I wouldn't have disliked it so much after. She had her own plot lines in seasons two and three, despite being the romantic interest of Chuck. And I would say the plots for everyone became increasing stupider, more focused on romance and OMG moments.

Blair wasn't the only one who suffered from that.

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Blair was in the W magazine plot with Dan, not outside of anyone else. She was romcom bickering with him. She was Harry Met Sally split-screen watching the same films over the phone with him. It's where she became "friends" with him, and it's where he starts to fall for her. Because that was all of of their romantic set-up. So no, Blair didn't have a storyline outside of anyone else, and one that wasn't romantic in its design with the W internship. She still had a plot line in season three with Serena.

At the beginning of season four, she still had a school plot line, she had minions, and she plot lines with Serena. Until Serena starts getting replaced, bit-by-bit as Blairs best friend by Dan, in that season, which only gets worse the next season. I agree that Blair's plot lines became too romantic. But the nadir for Nuthin' But Romance Blair is in season five.

When she has two, usually three guys, in love with her the entire season, and her stories revolve around romance around them. And the dumb The god pact? The dowry? The salon, and seriously? And although I gather you didn't watch it, Blair had plot lines that were just hers again in season six.

Though they had a very stupid romantic tie, at least she was doing shit again. She had a job that ultimately she proved herself to be good at all by herself. She learned that she needed to keep her fierceness, but not be a bully. She had minions again, and though I wasn't fond of how little we got of it, and how shallow the reconciliation was, she had stuff that she did just with Serena again. She was even back to being good at scheming again.

The Blair Waldorf & Chuck Bass Story - Gossip Girl - Something Worth Saving/I'd Come For You

I missed that Blair. Would explain a lot. Okay, of course! What else. And uh Nate's cousin is married, and uh Serena is only with him because she found out something about her mom. Why would that make Serena want to go with a married loser? Handwave, because next Serena is in a car accident because there are wolves on the highway, in New York.

It's a wrap. I dunno, I thought the whole "Chuck sells Blair to his uncle for a hotel" plot kind of was worse than anything Dan did to her. Other than being Gossip Girl, and everything attendant with that. I mean as Gossip Girl that means he had a hand in the death of Blair's baby, and almost killing her. So dunno about that one.

Which yes I know Dan being GG had holes in it For example, everything leading up to the IP was a cluterfuck of logic, characterization, and continuity. Case in point, in the pilot Chuck's mother is alive and living with his father, that ceases to be in the next episode. Then she's Evelyn having died giving birth to Chuck. Wait no, now she's Elizabeth and alive. No she isn't, she's just a liar working with Jack. Then she's alive again, and this time Diana. No wait, Elizabeth is his mother, and alive.

Wait maybe she's not his mother, and Jack is his dad, maybe it's both. Nope, neither one, Bart is Chuck's f'real father But not for long, and he took to the grave f'reals this time who Chuck's mother was. So yeah. Dan' being GG never bothered me logic or continuity-wise.

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Well no more than anything else. I look at it as karma for the fuckjob they did in seasons three and four, to characters, and relationships I did like, to prop up his character. Reap met sown. But speaking of something else kinda , was thinking how Blair used to look so kick-ass in the earlier seasons and sooo bad in season five and was trying to think of my favourite outfit s of hers. I couldn't possibly think of just one. Oscar De La Renta during the train station scene in 4.

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That whole thing was just shot so well. Love the evocation to Monet's La gare Saint-Lazare. Worst one, well obviously season five, which again, too many to choose from. My mind goes to that yellow monstrosity in 5. And what was with the fucking hats for her, that season? The weird mustard seat cushion she was wearing during that horrible god pact story, is just inexplicable to me.

Because I'm Worth It (Gossip Girl, #4) by Cecily von Ziegesar

I used to like this show a lot- the first three and a half seasons I was pretty onboard, even if it was always a guilty pleasure for me. It was a good one though, for a while. I always thought it was because the two of them were undoubtedly the best overall actors in the cast, and easily EASILY overshadowed everyone else in terms of screen presence and charisma.

They couldn't not respond to that.

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All of season one. Queen Serena turning Dan into a social pariah, set to "Shove It", during season two. Blair and Serena's hilarious catfight at Yale during season two.

The Juliet arc during season four. Basically anytime Georgina popped in. Ditto Amanda Setton. I think the show's biggest mistake was focusing too much on Who Is Gossip Girl? I always thought GG worked better as an omnipresent evil. Making it into a mystery to be solved was a misstep, IMO.

Im on "The Townie" and first of all my mouth was drooling from the fashion during previous the Thanksgiving episode. Second, maybe its just me but I cannot stand Rufus. Him and Lily werent the best of parents but at the end of the day Lily was loyal to her children..