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But to these people, the Master is all there is of God and of Heaven and of eternal life, combined and embodied in this human form. The most astute and analytical philosophers among them see nothing inconsistent in the idea of God and man being fully expressed in one form right among them.

To them in fact it is the normal thing, and they cannot imagine the full expression of divine love on earth in any other manner. When they have seen the Master and learned to love him, they know that they can depend upon him for eternal life. They know in their souls that seeing him now, today they have that boundless life already. It is not a far away hope, a vague intangible something to be wondered about. It is a present posses- sion.

And so why shouldn't they be filled with joy? In the Master's presence it is all light. No shadow can remain, and it carries with it its own internal and incontrovertible evidence of truth and reality. Borne up upon this reality the heart takes wings like an eagle.

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And yet probably nothing but a personal experience would ever have convinced this disciple of that sublime reality. He does not expect every one to accept it all at once. Johnson says: "All classes wait upon the Master, and it is very interesting to note the different types among the Master's disciples.

It must be a marvellous message indeed that can appeal to such men so strongly and at the same time appeal with equal force to the lowly and ignorant. While they cannot follow the scientific aspects of the teachings or system, they absorb the spirit of it in their souls and so reach the goal at the same time together with the learned and the great. Wherever the Master goes he is loved and honoured alike by all. At his holy feet, all meet on a common level, and all worldly distinctions are forgotten, Even kings have bowed before him and sought to make gifts to him.

But the Master accepts no favours or gifts from anyone, high or low. He remains always the giver himself, never the receiver. He insists that his mission in this world is to give and not to receive.

Religion & Spiritual

Johnson speaks with utter frankness. He says: "No earthly father was ever more kind and solicitous even concerning the small material comforts of his children. How can I bless him enough! If only I could serve him better. How has he become my very life? It is a deep mystery, but an infinite joy. And how has this heavenly mystery come about in my life? It is so out of the beaten paths of ordinary experience. To the average westerner it is quite beyond understanding. But all who have them- selves walked this holy Path know well that in all the world there is no relation so close and so sacred as that between Master and pupil.

When the disciple feels that every ray of light that radiates from the Master carries with it streams of life itself, he must love him.

Perceiving the Divine through the Human Body

When he realizes in the depth of his being that the Master is the embodi- ment of the Supreme Essence, now engaged in re-creating the disciple after the image and likeness of the ineffable Supreme Lord, then he knows that life without the Master would be an insufferable calamity. Before leaving this world, the Great Master by written will and in the presence of Dr.

Deeply spiritual during all of his adult life, his devotion to his Master had been for many years an inspiration to thousands of other satsangis. Even during his professional career he was known at the Agricultural College as Guruji or "Reverend Master," because of his saintly character and the unusually long periods of time that he spent in meditation.

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  • Sardar Bahadur Jagat Singh Ji served as Master at Beas from the time of the death of the Great Master in April , until his own death when sixty seven years of age on October 23rd, During this short term of three and a half years he initiated about twenty-six thousand seekers. His following today numbers several hundred thousand disciples. All of the Radha Swami Masters and many others beside, have themselves seen and experienced the higher worlds and higher states of consciousness that are hidden from and unknown to other eyes.

    Their identical findings while in the higher worlds have proved that Truth is unchanging and that those who find it, in all ages and in all times, speak with unchallengeable unanimity.

    The little-known secret to Advancement in Krishna Consciousness

    They never argue, but simply affirm to those who wish to hear, that anyone who is in earnest can rise upwards and discover for himself the hidden mysteries and secrets of human and spiritual life. The facts and discourses given by the Masters, however, are not within the awareness of those whose consciousness is still dominated by the desires of the senses for ceaseless gratification.

    The Masters have said over and over again that when a seeker gives his heart and mind and soul to the search, and clears away the mists of the insistent passions, he inevitably draws nearer to the Truth and its light inevitably begins to fill his being. In all ages and times men have sought and found Truth, with the help of the Saints and Perfect Masters. And, today as well, there are many who are following the same higher path.

    But the mass of Mankind listens to the message of the Masters with incredu- lity and continues the futile and harmful pursuit of sense objects and sensual pleasures. As a rule, it is only when the mind grows weary and disillusioned, when there is sickness of the soul and when the fatal fascination of the world ceases to allure, that true desire takes birth in the anguished heart and the awakening self begins to seek the path of salvation.

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    The word "Science" is used because the method of achieving spiritual progress taught by the Radha Swami Masters is not based upon blind belief, but upon facts which any sincere student can prove for himself by using precisely the same methods as those used by scientists—research, experimentation and then repeated demonstrations and proofs of higher spiritual ex- periences, identical with the experience of all others who are on the higher Path. Both the physical sciences and the spiritual science of God-realisation are governed by demonstrable and universal laws. The system is a definite and exact science which is based, not upon theory, but upon positive knowledge, and concrete facts that have been observed and experienced many thousands of times by the Masters and their disciples.

    Stated in the simplest terms, it is the scientific method taught by all genuine Masters and by the founders of all the world religions, of entering and realising the Kingdom of Heaven while still living on earth in the human body. It is a method by which the spiritual seeker before shuffling off this mortal coil, can attain to Immortality. The science of doing this is not a system of beliefs, dogmas, prayers, affirmations or ordinary yoga meditation. It is a method of achiev- ing definite and certain spiritual growth and advancement that provides its own proofs of progress as the spiritual scientist or student follows the instructions given to him.

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    In this age of scientific achievement, despite modern man's great temporal advancement and power, he has made but little headway towards the discovery of the basic truths of human life. He is still spiritually blind. Nor does he know aught of or even care about, the transcendent path, the path that leads to the highest fulfilment of human life, which is union with the Supreme Being. The teachings of the Saints, however, do tell one how and where to make these discoveries and apply them in one's every-day life. The system taught by the Saints offers a definite method of spiritual progress that meets every demand of science.

    It shows the aspiring or world-weary soul precisely how to enter and enjoy the Kingdom of Heaven spoken of by founders and prophets of all religions, and how to do this while still living here on earth in the human body. It may be noted here that this spiritual science embraces all of the values and goals of religion and then goes far beyond the teachings and goals of any extant religion. Without wishing to confuse the reader by introducing too many unfamiliar terms, it may be stated that the Radha Swami Faith is also widely known as Sant Mat, which means "The Teachings of the Saints.

    As used in the Radhk Swami teachings and throughout the writings of scores of India's well-known Perfect Masters, a Saint is one who has descended from or who can ascend at will to the Fifth Spiritual Region above the physical universe. This region is far above the heavens and para- dises of the world's religions.


    The Teachings of the Saints, are therefore, spiritual teachings given out and carefully explained by highly advanced souls who speak only of what they have seen themselves with their own eyes during their daily journeys upwards through the five vast and beauti- ful spiritual Regions or heaven worlds that lie above and beyond the physical universe. This may sound dogmatic, but they have not thfc slightest wish or intention to be so.

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    • All of the statements made in this brief outline of Sant Mat have been proved by many thousands of people, and are being proved daily by many more at the present time. To many, one of the most interesting facts in connection with the Radha Swami Faith is that it not only appeals to one's highest hopes and aspirations, but can also held its own on the anvil of intellect, the logical, scientific reasoning power, which is so highly prized today.

      The days are gone when intelligent, thinking people would accept almost any doctrine on the authority of a book or a priest. Today, to be accepted by the intelligentia, any system or method of spiritual advancement must satisfy the rational intelligence. It is exactly at this point that the teachings of the Saints make their strongest appeal to many in the Occident and the orient.

      The Teachings are rational.

      Body ke 7 chakra -- Ashish Shukla from Deep Knowledge

      They are scientific. For those who are seeking and are ready, they satisfy every question raised by the intellect. Many books give hints of the Truth, but they do not describe any definite method by which one can rise to the highest heavens during this life. As a matter of fact, the writers of most of these books cannot do so, because they themselves do not have the know- ledge and do not know the method.

      Only the highest Masters, called Sants or Saints have the knowledge and the method. They alone hold the key that unlocks the gates of the Great Mystery. For many centuries men have been told that they themselves are the temples of the living God—the Word or Nam. As St. The Perfect Masters, however, teach this method. They give their disciples the key to the temple, and urge them to knock, open the door, and enter.

      While this is true, as any interested person can acertain for himself, there is but little, if any, contradiction between the basic precepts of the orthodox religions and the teachings of the Perfect Masters. Those who are seeking should bear this in mind and not permit any dogmatic or preconceived ideas to interfere with their investigation.

      This science is a supplement to what people already have, no matter to what church or other organisation they may belong. One does not have to give up one's regular religion in order to find out about the Radha Swami Faith or to be initiated into it.