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Eager to see the best of the Columbia River Gorge? Trover Photo by Melissa G. Dodge the peak season crowds by tackling Tamanawas Falls during the winter. By strapping on the snow shoes, you can enjoy the snowy wonderland around these parts. The frozen waterfall, magical and gleaming, like something from a fantasy movie, is one of the highlights. It proves that winter hikes are as satisfying as those taken in the warmer months.

Trover Photo by Grace Sobieralski. Dramatic views of the Columbia River Gorge await at Munra Point, whose exposed summit provides a breathtaking panorama of the region. Trover Photo by Dawson Snow. One of the most distinctive rock formations near Portland, the Rock of Ages is just one highlight of this very difficult hike. It stretches for miles and miles of rugged terrain, with waterfalls and scenic views to admire along the way.

And, glimpsing that rock arch for the first time will bring a real sense of achievement. Itching to see the great outdoors around Portland, Oregon? Bring your hiking gear and get set to experience some of the sought-after trails on the list. Expedia compensates some authors, which may include travel and other costs.

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Your email address will not be published. Follow Us. Inspiration Oregon Portland Things to do. Monarch Lake is beyond Lake Granby and Elkdale. The beautiful body of water known as Mirror Lake is the first lake in the series. By this point, you should have a clear view of the most prominent feature in Indian Peaks: Lone Eagle Peak.

This peak quite literally soars above the surrounding topography and is very eye-catching. Although Mirror Lake is a tempting place to stop, Crater Lake is just ahead and even more desirable due in part to its close proximity to Lone Eagle. The Missouri Lakes Basin is one of the best day hikes in Colorado! Factor in that the trailhead is only a reasonable 2.

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Starting at the Fancy Lake Trailhead, this trek starts high and ends high. There are few portions that are actually difficult; most of the incline is quite gentle. The Missouri Lakes is a gorgeous group of high alpine bodies set in a wonderful cirque of Rocky Mountain peaks. The basin hosting these lakes is quite large and there is plenty of room to explore and make camp.

On that note, we highly recommend staying the night here; all you need to do is fill out a free overnight permit at the trailhead. The Missouri Lakes are admittedly pretty busy at times. Though given the expansiveness of the region, there are plenty of opportunities for making little excursions. Missouri Pass and Fancy Pass are two great ways to get off the beaten path but there is a lot more to see in the Holy Cross Wilderness. Infamous among outdoor junkies for its alpine scenery and the legendary Crestone Needle, there are few hikes in Colorado that are as complete as this one.

The road is almost more harrowing than the hike itself as there are large ruts and sometimes washouts. Cautious drivers may want to park down the trail a bit and walk. The trail itself is lovely. There is a waterfall along the way and quite a few wildflowers in the summer. As you arrive at the lakes, overnight camp spots will be clearly obvious. Most camp here in order to make summit pushes to either Crestone Needle or Humboldt Peak early the next morning.

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Regardless if you intend to climb or not you must be prepared to , the area is still stunning and spending an evening here is a great experience. The Lost Creek Loop is a very different hike than the rest on this list. As you begin walking on the trail you may feel like the trail itself is not as well-laid as other trails. Many hikers have said that Lost Creek feels a bit rougher than other Colorado hikes and that the trail is more of a web of smaller trails.

2. Deer Grove Forest Preserve

Campsites and water, although numerous, are sometimes tedious to find. In fact, many people fall in love with Lost Creek because it offers such a different experience.

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All-in-all, this hike is a great way to mix up things up when pursuing the best Colorado hikes. The Collegiate Peaks Wilderness hosts one of the densest collections of 14ers in the state. For anyone looking to bag their first 14er, Huron Peak is a great introductory mountain.

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Thanks to its relative proximity to Denver as well as ease, Huron Peak is also one of the best day hikes in Colorado. There are two trailheads to the start Huron Peak: a lower one and an upper one. The lower one is accessible to all types of vehicles; the upper one will require 4-wheel drive. The climb up to the summit of Huron Peak is straightforward and well-trafficked. The average hiker completes this hike in about hours. During the summer an early start at the trailhead is necessary to avoid afternoon thunderstorms. You will have unchecked views of the Collegiate Wilderness.

The Apostles will be smack dab in front of you and we can only imagine how many photos have been taken here. Most spend minutes on the summit. Satellite Wikicommons. The Weminuche Wilderness, found between Durango and Silverton, is probably the finest portion of the entire Colorado Rockies. It is an unparalleled beauty with rugged peaks, hidden lakes, and a number of 14ers. Although there are several shorter treks into this area, no one route is better than the mighty Needleton Loop.

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Hiking anywhere in the Weminuche is not going to be easy. There are lots of logistics involved with this region; getting to the trailhead Elk Park requires a ride on the local historical train and there is no way around this, unfortunately. The trail itself is often hard to discern and frequently merges with and diverges into others in the area.

Only experienced hikers should attempt this one. You will be amazing as you make into the Weminuche and start the Needleton Loop. This is true Rocky Mountain backcountry, the likes of which hides countless treasures like the gorgeous Twins Lakes, climbing Winsom Peak, and even visiting the Chicago Basin — the premier destination in the wilderness. Color me jealous, you lucky bastards.

Below is a list of excellent trails in Colorado that just barely missed the cut. While we would love to talk about all of these trails Colorado Springs was a tough exclusion , there are just too many great hikes in Colorado. Research some of these further for more ideas on finding the best hikes in Colorado. Want to read more about the best hikes in Colorado? Includes many of the states 14ers and countless more. Written in an engaging way. Covers a wide variety of hikes in the state including, but not limited to, some 14ers and waterfall hikes near Denver.

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