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Historically tense relations between Washington and Tehran worsened in May after U. President Donald Trump hardened his anti-Iran stance and restored all sanctions on Iranian oil exports following his decision a year ago to pull the United States out of a international nuclear accord with Tehran. The United States moved an aircraft carrier and forces to the Gulf region in response to intelligence that Iran may be plotting against U.

Both the United States and Iran have said they do not want war, although there have been bellicose statements from both.

What's going on with Iran?

Gulf allies and U. It gathered responses from 1, adults, including Democrats and Republicans, and has a credibility interval, a measure of precision, of 4 percentage points. To see a copy of the full poll results and methodology, click here: tmsnrt. Similarly, Chinese firms divest their operations in the US. American and Chinese brinkmanship at international forums will signal that both sides are unable to trust each other to continue talks or reach a compromise. Businesses should pay attention to who the respective governments are talking to, where new investments are headed, if Chinese or American investments in either market are getting blocked, and how regional trade arrangements are shaping up.

The trade war is already pushing businesses out of China—and it could be permanent

Here, the role of proxy actors could prove sensitive as witnessed in the American case against Huawei. Trump and Xi agree to end trade hostilities and agree to bilateral talks — all the while backing it up with rhetoric in their respective countries. Both sides retreat to their initial positions and withdraw the tariff hikes. A new status quo is reached where trade flows resume as per usual, but business leaders in both countries seriously assess their future risk exposure.

China, on its part, continues to invest in moving up the supply chain and reducing its own reliance on foreign research and development. The scenario is relatively more likely, at least in the near term, as global stock markets have not reacted kindly to the growing economic uncertainties due to the trade war.

US retailers and consumers will also feel the pain more acutely if the tariffs against Chinese imports stay high. In the case of China, decline in employment, financial sector reform, and a slowdown in the manufacturing sector and domestic consumption will push the government to engage in talks with the US. Nevertheless, even if a ceasefire is agreed to, the trade conflict will permanently affect how US and Chinese firms do business with each other. It could also impact how the rest of the world does business with US and China.

Official statements that talks are ongoing between high-level officials on both sides. A public acknowledgment or announcement of future talks at public forums or state-level visits. Regardless of how it may transpire, businesses should pay attention to who are leading trade negotiations and exploratory talks.

On the Chinese side, Vice Premier Liu He is serving as the chief negotiator in the trade talks with the US, leading a team of about experienced officials.

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On the American side, the situation is relatively unpredictable with high ranking officials falling in and out of favor with Trump in quick succession. Here, it is most likely the influence of key business leaders, industrial and agricultural lobbies, and Congress that will affect a positive outcome. Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. After coming to a truce, the two governments get to the drawing board over bilateral market access, securing intellectual property rights, a more level playing field for the private sector in China, and greater regulatory and customs transparency.

It will certainly take longer than the current Trump administration, and China will be wary of setting a bad precedent — where it does not hold the upper hand. Frequent rounds of meetings between trade negotiators, trade and business lobby groups, consultations with high-ranking officials in both governments will be the clearest indicator that the two countries are serious about reaching a new trade deal.

The trade war is already pushing businesses out of China—and it could be permanent

In other words, it is important to assess whether the two countries are talking to each other or at each other. The tariff escalation begun by Trump in may not have achieved its initial objectives — reducing trade deficits and getting back US manufacturing jobs — but it has ensured that the status quo will never be the same, new deal or not.

Finally, securing some form of trade deal or a compromise deal may be prioritized by Trump as he is running for a second term as president. The US-China tariff war has established a new reality in international trade relations and introduced systemic risks to businesses. Companies who are overly dependent on China for sourcing, manufacturing, or both find themselves confronting rising costs, fluctuating tariffs, market restrictions, tighter regulatory oversight , and dwindling profits.

Firms that ignore these risks or fail to draw up actionable contingency plans will be compromising on their long-term stability and financial security.

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Through its rapid escalation over the last seven months, the trade war has threatened to upend entire business processes — demonstrating the need for firms to be more agile and geographically diverse. Businesses need to closely monitor geopolitical developments and economic stressors and establish internal systems that respond to them proactively.

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Initial steps include ensuring clear lines of communication between senior management and local offices, being sensitive to the regulatory actions of state authorities, and training staff on how to manage practical risks. More complex decisions will involve assessing the viability of business relocation, diversifying sourcing and distribution networks, and mitigating exposure to economic uncertainties.

Finally, businesses should watch out for deadlines announced by either side as key dates but begin putting together strategic plans in place. Doing Business in China is designed to introduce the fundamentals of investing in China. Compiled by the Repatriating profits from China has long been a complicated and challenging issue for foreign businesses with This edition of Tax, Accounting, and Audit in China, updated for , offers a comprehensive overview of the Countries across Asia have been amending their transfer pricing legislation to come into alignment with the OE Dear sir Please explain details about trade war and also the consequence on us and global economy in case of a full scale trade war with china Thanking you.