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Lois helps Felix understand his past by showing him scenes from his past as a big screen movie. I hope you have enjoyed the Challenge! Holly our Shelf Elf has been a busy little elf this month. She has showed up in places I never would have thought about.

She is a very good Elf and does love to read.

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She is excited to be going home with someone for the Holidays on Thursday. The drawing for Holly will be Thursday, December Sophie makes a deal with her family to spend one last Christmas on Potter Orchard. Her grandson James comes to help her have the best Christmas ever. Lindsay Baker. It is hard to believe is about to come to an end! You need to have your Challenge back to the library on December 29 th. Her name is Holly. She can be found in a new place in the library every day. If you find where Holly is hiding that day, put your name, phone number and her location on an entry form for a drawing on December You just may win Holly for your very own!

We have a library Elf on the Shelf. Come, let us read. Sheriff Ben Marsden has no plans to attend the annual Christmas ball until the mysterious Jessica Ramsey moves to town and gets involved in planning the event. The Sheriff finds himself wanting to keep an eye on Jessica not just because her relatives seem to be in jail more than out. Call this a coffee-table book for a very small table, full of colorful illustrations maps, production stills, Post-it notes, notebook pages with a substantial amount of text about the British television updating with Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes and Martin Freeman as Watson.

Interspersed are pieces on the principal performers, a biography of Arthur Conan Doyle, identification of the various in-jokes and events adapted from the original stories, and a history of earlier screen Holmeses. My resistance to the whole idea of an updating made me a tough audience for this book.

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But with their enthusiasm, humor, and obvious knowledge of and reverence for the canon, Moffat and Gatiss almost won me over. But readers hoping for a kaleidoscopic ride through a Summer of Love montage will likely be disappointed: There aren't a lot of blissed-out moments in Killer Weed. Rosenberg, who has just recently lost his gig writing for the San Francisco Foghorn , is struggling to make ends meet.

A dot-com impresario named Gene Simons at least offers him a lifeline: a freelance opportunity to hash over the history of the Haight-Ashbury and interview aging scenesters for a San Francisco Museum exhibit that Simons is underwriting. The billionaire is also looking for information about his mother, a small-time dealer who died when he was just a child. Using the museum exhibit as a cover, Ed seeks them out and starts asking some dangerous questions.

Adding to the downer of a trip, Castleman's domestic scenes at the Rosenberg house seem stilted and preachy.

The Solitude Kidnappings

Meanwhile, he's helping his daughter write a report on why her school's drug policy is "wrong about marijuana. And the economic results of Ed's research for Simons should make the Rosenberg family situation a little happier the next time around. Thank you, Nancy. And thank you, MWA for this astonishing honor. Thank you, Joe, for all the years of encouragement and support, and to my publishers through all their many incarnations.

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Thank you, Vicky Bijur, my agent and very dear friend. I only wish Sara Ann Freed were here to thank, too. A few months ago, when I was told that I would receive this award, my thoughts instantly flew back to a spring morning in At that time I had only published short stories and had no plans to ever write a novel. I had never met another writer and, although I had joined MWA, I lived too far away to feel a part of it. Tonight, I look around this room. As much as this award means to me, it means even more that I can call so many of you my friends. Thank you. A quiet English village is shaken to its roots when a young girl is found badly injured and in a coma after being the victim of a hit-and-run driver on a lonely back road.

What was she doing so far from the party she was supposed to be at, and who could be so callous as to leave her on the road to suffer and die? Thus begins a convoluted mystery with more twists and turns than a carnival roller coaster. The primary characters here are Ellie Saunders and her younger sister, Leo, who is visiting Ellie and her husband while trying to come to grips with a horrendous childhood, and Tom Douglas, a former police detective who is drawn to Leo and finds himself in the middle of a puzzling case.

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  6. Mary Mead. Seemingly, every character is either having an affair or suspects that his or her nearest and dearest is having one and, as a result, is less than forthcoming about where they were on that fateful night. Although I enjoyed the mystery and its surprising conclusion, I do have a few quibbles.

    I believe, at nearly pages, the novel could have been considerably shorter and somewhat less complex—without losing its essence—by having fewer characters and a bit less emotional turmoil. I also feel that most of the men here are portrayed either as unfeeling idiots or simply clueless.

    Thankfully, Tom falls into neither of these categories. Her first book, Only the Innocent , became an international bestseller, reached number one on the Amazon charts and stayed there for more than four weeks. Ever since The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo made its impact on American readers, there has been a near-inexhaustible stream of international crime fiction with quirky, odd characters, but Alex, by French author Pierre Lemaitre, has the potential to be the true successor to that tattooed girl.

    As Stieg Larsson did in his trilogy, Lemaitre delivers unique characters who have not been explored in crime fiction before.

    Topics Mentioning This Author

    The original plot and the international background—in this case Paris—adds a sense of the exotic for American readers. Physically, everyone towers over the 4-foot detective whose insight and intelligence have earned him respect. The complicated Camille uses his size to disarm suspects and colleagues. No one expects this little man to have the intelligence or wit that are his secret weapons. The diminutive Camille also refuses most difficult cases, especially those involving kidnapping.

    But the kidnapping of a young woman motivates Camille in ways he never expected. At first, there is only a rumor that a woman may have been snatched off the street during the night. The tense plot alternates between Camille and his team trying to track down clues to the kidnapping and harrowing scenes of Alex squeezed into a small wooden crate in an abandoned warehouse.

    Te Matapihi Ki Te Ao Nui

    With little food or water for several days, Alex grows weaker. She is nearly delirious and is all too aware that she is being surrounded by rats. Very hungry rats who smell blood. Pascal has told Alex he wants to watch her die and his hatred of her borders on the psychotic. Lemaitre ratchets up the suspense as the police work to find the warehouse while Alex fends for herself, slowly starving to death. In one of those Hollywood-type scenes, she is able to free herself mere minutes before the police race into the warehouse to rescue her. She then disappears.

    Lemaitre delivers equal attention to a gripping police procedural, a psychological view of a troubled young woman, and a serial killer novel. Each twist surprises and shocks. And as Camille and the reader learns more about her, the author also forces the reader to both sympathize with Alex and be repulsed by her.

    A sequel to Alex already is out in France and surely on its way to us. Toggle Navigation. Bill Crider. Teri Duerr. The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries. Kwik Krimes. Early Crimes. Murder, Plain and Simple. Lynne Maxwell. Clammed Up. Murder at Hatfield House. Silent Knife. The Gods of Guilt.

    Jackie Houchin. This of course leads to violence, but who will snap first seems like a photo finish, in this case! Along the way, we find out that the names of states apparently used to not use the letter 'y', that a lot can happen in such a rural area without anyone knowing, and that no one can really be calm about being cheated on!! This week, in Clearview, Washington, a man is troubled all his life.

    Problem is, one day, he got out. When he did, he wasted no time in both picking up where he left off, and seeking revenge against all who he feels has wronged him. Will he succeed? Along the way, we find out that you had to bribe people to get them to this town, that parole boards should really do a little homework before releasing people early, and that sometimes even the most brutal act yields little sympathy! This week, in Dunbar, West Virginia, a 12 year old boy disappears, but ends up being found in the worst possible way. The police initially think they have the people responsible, only to find out they didn't.

    A list of 88 suspects yields no results, until 4 young boys are kidnapped while hitchhiking, and the whole thing takes a bizarre turn. In the end, the most primitive form of justice prevails, and we're not even sure we feel bad about it! Along the way, we find out that redheads need a festival, too, that hitchhiking in the hills of West Virginia is never a good idea, and that sometimes bad people police themselves This week, in Eatonton, Georgia, troubles build between a divorced couple, resulting in all sorts of crazy behavior on the part of everyone.

    It all comes to a head, one afternoon, when a major confrontation takes place, in from to their 15 year old son It will come as no surprise to anyone that this doesn't work out well, but that's only the beginning, as the legal waters are muddier than a Georgia swamp! This week, in Bridgeville, Delaware, a complex web of relationships emerge, causing a ton of strife.